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About Us

AdaptIX Systems Inc. is a Canadian based digital technology company founded in 2023.


We are a multi-disciplinary team providing digital consulting & product integration services for heavy industries and manufacturing to help organizations advance their industrial transformation.

We aim to demonstrate and deliver business value with innovative practical products that leverage adaptive manufacturing and emerging technologies.

Meeting you where you are in your Industrial Transformation (IX) Journey

Operating a Drone
Blue-collar workers

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

Mark Twain

Robotics Engineers


Our Mission

To sustain the adaptation of heavy and manufacturing industries to the constant changes of the digital world


Our Vision

To foster a greater sustainable industrial ecosystem with adaptive manufacturing and emerging digital technologies


Our Values

Innovation - challenge the norm and seek to improve and evolve

Education - boost confidence when utilizing emerging technologies

Sustainability - reduce, reuse, repurpose - buy vs. build approach

Nimbleness - execute your roadmap, as your culture adapts
Impact - deliver long-term business outcomes upon drivers and levers

Our Services

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